Google never stops innovating!

Check out the new features in gmail.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Sun Valley, Idaho Answers the Q

Fun to hear what Jamie Lee Curtis likes best about Sun Valley. Nice interview, Concierge Q! All these books by Jamie Lee are very highly rated on Amazon, and you could probably pick them up at Iconoclast Books too!

Amazingly Prolific New Species!

“Inception” Solar Powered thanks to DeCaprio and Pure Power Distribution

Partially thanks to Leo DeCaprio pushing for cleaner and greener, our client, Pure Power Distribution, provides mobile solar generators that are seriously reducing pollutants normally found on Hollywood sets running¬†diesel¬†generators. Those generators Horn eventually settled on are made by Pure Power Distribution. As I mentioned in my previous post, such a rig not only tracks…Read the Rest »

My favorite farmer respects the “pigness of the pig”

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms gets what it’s all about.