Web Site Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Great Hosting

Clean Web Design offers fast, reliable Linux hosting for your site that includes domain email, free set-up, and friendly support.

Our dedicated servers reside at a state-of-the-art data center that provides the necessary security, power, bandwidth and redundant access services to ensure your site’s availability to customers and visitors at all times. We do not overload our servers and keep an eye on their performance. No spammers, malware spreaders, hackers on our machines!

Domain Registration

Contact us for a free consultation on choosing a domain name for your business. We suggest you register for a minimum of 5 years so search engines see you intend to stick around. Always be sure YOU will be listed as the registrant owner so you can and maintain billing/access control. Your domain is like the keys to your house. Without control you can be locked out of your email, accounts, etc. It’s critical you trust your domain registrar and web professionals.

Even then, it’s been suggested…“Love many, trust few. Always paddle your own canoe” Who knows what is going to happen? Astonishing technology growth continues to challenge upkeep and maintenance of legacy systems. Since 2000 Clean Web Design has been helping businesses balance taking advantage of new tech while supporting the good old bits that we rely on.

Now may be a a good time to review and update your web presence. Let’s make your site work to pull in the right customers, give them clear information and simple, clear paths to ordering, calling or understanding. A well designed web experience saves everyone time and energy, leaving us all space and time to live and grow. I’m looking forward to helping your business thrive.