Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Clean Web Design is big on following Google’s Quality Guidelines. We’ve found that by thoughtfully constructing sites and by utilizing commonly searched terms related to your business, your site will achieve good search engine results rank in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. This directly translates into free targeted traffic.

Once the visitor arrives at your well designed web site, they will quickly be able to find what they were searching for and the positive experience on your site turns the casual visitor into your loyal customer.

SEO by Clean Web Design is smart, clean and ethical. We can make your site more visible and accessible to search engines.
Google Tools: Has Google indexed your site?

Three Steps to Visibility

SEO Step 1: Competitive Keyword Analysis
We analyze your online business competition & related keywords being searched, then rank their projected effectiveness as key terms based on competition vs. search popularity.

SEO Step 2: Search Engine Friendly Site
Using the most effective keywords from Step 1, we revamp your site so it will perform better in organic (free, natural, not paid) search results.

SEO Step 3: Tell the world (SEM – Search Engine Marketing)
If your site does not already have significant inbound links from other high quality sites, you may not see the results you’d like, especially if you are in a highly competitive business such as real estate. We will help you identify and secure appropriate inbound link sources to boost your Page Rank.