Fresher Faster! Google’s Caffeine can now grab & serve in seconds

Thu, June 17, 2010

On June 8th at 5pm Google announced it’s new indexing system “Caffeine” on the Official Google Blog.

At first you may  only notice that some links that used to be up top in your search results are now on the side, but this update has a lot more under the hood.  The new index can slurp up and deliver content nearly instantly now:

“We process it immediately so we can serve it seconds later,” said Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team at the Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

What does that mean to us? Well, if you’re putting information up on the web, (note to self) hesitate a moment before hitting “Publish” – read and re-read your post – or your typos could be available to the public even before you’ve noticed them. But DO blog, tweet, and post to social networks often because freshness matters. Keep in mind as always, that quality content is king.

According to PCWorld:

Information included in Google searches that is indexed immediately using Caffeine will say that it was posted “seconds ago,” Cutts said.

Not every change on every site will appear immediately, though. Google looks at factors such as page rank to determine which sites to crawl faster, Cutts said. It also checks news sites and blogs more often than other sites.

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