Fly through Gmail with Keyboard Shortcuts

Thu, Jul 9 2015

Did you know that the average worker spends about 1/4 of their workday reading and responding to emails?!

That means in a 40 hour work week, we spend 10 hours of it rummaging through our emails.  What if we told you that by utilizing the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail you could cut down the time spent on email everyday by 10 whole minutes?!

Some of the key ingredients are:

“r” for reply to message

“a” for reply all

“f” for forward message

Check out this article written by Scott Tousley from Sidekick to learn 25 useful shortcuts so that you can start spending more time on the things you like to do, and less time inside inside your email:

The 25 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Me 60 Hours Per Year

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