Feel like you’re not getting all the messages through your contact form that you used to get? You are probably right! AOL and Yahoo have created this problem for their users (and the companies that service their users), so now everyone who allows a customer to send them an email through a web form has…Read the Rest »

Did you know that the average worker spends about 1/4 of their workday reading and responding to emails?! That means in a 40 hour work week, we spend 10 hours of it rummaging through our emails.  What if we told you that by utilizing the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail you could cut down the time…Read the Rest »

Don’t let duplicate “Google Places” listings reduce your local rank

Why are Duplicates So Bad? The biggest problem with duplicate listings is that they tend to spread ranking data in the form of reviews, citations, pictures, and user generated content across the different duplicate listings. So, instead of having one strong listing you end up with a couple mediocre listings that will struggle to rank….Read the Rest »

What is Good Design?

Clean, simple, straight-forward – yet refined and polished. Less is usually more, but often, less is a product of starting with all and editing out what is extraneous – you can’t just cheat your way to good design by not putting in time and thought. Having experience certainly helps. You know it when you see,…Read the Rest »

One in five Google searches seek local information

According to Google’s John Hanke, “One fifth of searches on Google are related to location, which shows that people are looking to the Internet to make decisions about where to go and what to do in their daily lives.” If your small business doesn’t have a web presence, or if you haven’t tweaked your site…Read the Rest »

“Inception” Solar Powered thanks to DeCaprio and Pure Power Distribution

Partially thanks to Leo DeCaprio pushing for cleaner and greener, our client, Pure Power Distribution, provides mobile solar generators that are seriously reducing pollutants normally found on Hollywood sets running diesel generators. Those generators Horn eventually settled on are made by Pure Power Distribution. As I mentioned in my previous post, such a rig not only tracks…Read the Rest »

My favorite farmer respects the “pigness of the pig”

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms gets what it’s all about.