First, why Gmail? 10 Reasons Clean Web Design recommends Gmail: Best spam fighting tools, hands down Gigs of Space – you won’t soon run out of mailbox storage space – avoid those un-deliverable bounce notices when you return from vacation! Searchable – quickly find email by searching like you do in Google Flexible – check…Read the Rest »

Let Us Introduce you to LastPass!

At Clean Web Design, we are always on the lookout for a better way to do things and simplify not only our lives but the lives of our clients as well. LastPass is one of the most important tools in our “how to not hate computers” kit. CNET, the tech media website that publishes reviews,…Read the Rest »

Google never stops innovating!

Check out the new features in gmail.

Don’t let duplicate “Google Places” listings reduce your local rank

Why are Duplicates So Bad? The biggest problem with duplicate listings is that they tend to spread ranking data in the form of reviews, citations, pictures, and user generated content across the different duplicate listings. So, instead of having one strong listing you end up with a couple mediocre listings that will struggle to rank….Read the Rest »