Let Us Introduce you to LastPass!

Fri, Nov 15 2013

Last Pass

At Clean Web Design, we are always on the lookout for a better way to do things and simplify not only our lives but the lives of our clients as well.

LastPass is one of the most important tools in our “how to not hate computers” kit.

CNET, the tech media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, and podcasts on technology and consumer electronics, rates Last Pass with 5 stars and comments “This robust password manager is a must-use freeware tool that supports multiple operating systems and browsers.

Save time and avoid the headache of trying to recall or find your passwords.  In a few simple steps you can download LastPass, create your account and save sites as you go.  You will have the security of never losing another password again. Your passwords are stored encrypted in a secure “vault” which you access with one master password.  It syncs across all your devices (home computer, laptop, iPad, smart phone) and can auto log into often visited sites, and it keeps your accounts and addresses readily available for online shopping with automatic and time saving form fills.

You can even share your login (while hiding the password) with trusted family members and friends or colleagues.

One response to “Let Us Introduce you to LastPass!”

  1. Robin Ooi says:

    Great tips Julie! Although I must add that 1Password or Roboform is very easy to use as well?

    My 2 c.

    Robin Ooi

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