Stefanie Dash Marvel featured in the Wood River Studio Tour this weekend! (Aug 22-23)

From the Idaho Mountain Express by Julie Bramowitz With its soaring, steepled ceiling and streams of late-afternoon sunlight casting shadows on the floor, weaver Stefanie Dash Marvel’s Hailey studio possesses the tranquil sanctity of a chapel. A Swedish-manufactured Glimåkra loom occupies one corner of the space, its intricate anatomy of wheels and bars as awe-inspiring…Read the Rest »

Let Us Introduce you to LastPass!

At Clean Web Design, we are always on the lookout for a better way to do things and simplify not only our lives but the lives of our clients as well. LastPass is one of the most important tools in our “how to not hate computers” kit. CNET, the tech media website that publishes reviews,…Read the Rest »

Google never stops innovating!

Check out the new features in gmail.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Sun Valley, Idaho Answers the Q

Fun to hear what Jamie Lee Curtis likes best about Sun Valley. Nice interview, Concierge Q! All these books by Jamie Lee are very highly rated on Amazon, and you could probably pick them up at Iconoclast Books too!

Merry Jingling Goats! This is sooooo cute, made my day :)

What is Good Design?

Clean, simple, straight-forward – yet refined and polished. Less is usually more, but often, less is a product of starting with all and editing out what is extraneous – you can’t just cheat your way to good design by not putting in time and thought. Having experience certainly helps. You know it when you see,…Read the Rest »

“Inception” Solar Powered thanks to DeCaprio and Pure Power Distribution

Partially thanks to Leo DeCaprio pushing for cleaner and greener, our client, Pure Power Distribution, provides mobile solar generators that are seriously reducing pollutants normally found on Hollywood sets running diesel generators. Those generators Horn eventually settled on are made by Pure Power Distribution. As I mentioned in my previous post, such a rig not only tracks…Read the Rest »

Whoo hoo!!! Come ‘n get your new Google Voice number!

The only thing that has frustrated me about Google Voice (which I have been using since it was Grand Central) was that I couldn’t share it with more people, but now they’ve opened up to everyone! Read more in the official Google Blog or go straight to sign up.

Just Married! Lisa Onizuka is now Lisa Chambers